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Car safety essay

car safety essay

crash rates. An Austin cyclist was killed in 1994 when he stopped to the right of a semi, and then it turned right. Doing this has saved my life on too many occasions to count. Archived from the original (PDF) on October 8, 2007. These kinds of accidents are hard to avoid, which is a compelling reason to not ride on the sidewalk in the first place. . "Directory Index: AMC/1959 AMC/1959 Rambler Wagons". "driver alert detection software". 16 17 Vehicle colour edit A 2004 essay on the relation between car colour and safety stated that no previous studies had been scientifically conclusive.

car safety essay

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Ride with traffic, in the same direction. The moral here is not that you should break the law, but that you can easily get hurt even if you follow the law. Just put your left arm straight out. Strickland founded the Automobile Safety League of America. (never pass a car on the right!) But try to stay ahead of the car behind you until you're through the intersection, because otherwise they might try to cut you off as they turn right. "Form, Function, and Fantasy - seventy years of Chrysler design".