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Citing wikipedia in essay

citing wikipedia in essay

far from unheard of that someone just put in their own proof of a theorem. I have not tried to publish it anywhere, nor would I, since it is "just an exposition" of a proof of Zeev Dvir's resolution of the Finite Field Kakeya Problem. This comes with the territory of being a student (particularly a grad student). Answered By: Alyssa Mitchell, last Updated: Aug 08, 2016 Views: 42373. I am a little surprised to hear people describe wikipedia as "unreliable including links to university websites which say rather snootily to avoid. It is not the original proof, I think - it's slicker. Step 2: Check that they are real references. They can be really bad as references:.g. In general I have grown "more scholarly" over the years, but usually with the suspicion that at best the referees will not really care one way or the other. Question, for the APA part, why is it that in the picture the word "In" is italicized along with Wikipedia, but in the text it says that only the word "Wikipedia" should be italicized? pNAh3-1qx, update January 2018 This blog has had over.8 million views thanks to readers like you.

So saying "Don't include this proof from wikipedia because wikipedia is full of errors" sounds silly to me: on the one hand lots of published books have a higher density of errors than wikipedia math articles; on the other hand, every proof you read you're. Step 3: Read the original source yourself. But billions of people have internet access, and surely wikipedia (for instance) does a perfectly good job of explaining the point. In the OP's example he mentions including a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.

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An example would be: World War.d. if you want to direct your reader to a specific section of the Wikipedia article, you can include the paragraph number at the end of your citation. If you want the reader to read that proof, I think you have to do refer to it or try to track down the source of the proof that made it into the wikipedia article. When I was involved with it, the culture of mathematical wikipedians was not good at addressing the above issues: if I asked for this information about an article, someone would usually nicely tell me that I was more than welcome to add it myself. If you submit a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal for consideration, it could happen that some reviewers might reject your manuscript based solely on the fact that you have cited Wikipedia though they may never tell you that. That is, there's no problem with verifying it correct, but if you can't print it or refer to it without giving credit then it's difficult to use? 2) Should you refer to wikipedia for non-standard proofs? In other words, if a wikipedia article has a proof which is different from the one that you would find in any expensive math text, should you refer to that? To put an in-text citation for Wikipedia in APA, you would use the following format: Title of article.d.).

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