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Space exploration synthesis essay

space exploration synthesis essay

this idea? Who are the people involved? Is this person a leader? Incorporate polls, surveys, and other data collection tools and results. Create a list of objects in your life. Writing Ideas: What makes this place unique? Use Jan Thornhill's book Before After: A Book of Nature Timescapes for ideas! Math As you explore e-scrapbooking possibilities for Math consider the following topics. Visualizing ideas: Examples: Lessons: When Work is Done from Library of Congress, artifact Focus.

What about before and after a war, medical breakthrough, or scientific discovery? Use the following resources to help you locate primary resources: Use the following resources to help you analyze these primary resources: Artifacts and Realia There are many different kinds of artifacts that can be incorporated into scrapbooks. Create pages the use maps of North America. These can serve as a great resource for e-scrapbooking activities. Also consider local legends, folklore, and stories you may be able to prove. English and Language Arts As you explore e-scrapbooking possibilities for English and Language Arts consider the following topics. Consider focus groups to discuss different perspectives or choices.

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Create pages that reflect these comparisons. Topics: Share scientific inquiry experiences Lesson Ideas: Standards: Focus on Physical Science - how all natural objects, events, and processes are connected to write a research paper for english each other. Draw and reflect shapes on the page. Use your own head. What do you like and dislike? Share scrapbooks including a beginning, middle, and end. Visualizing ideas: What image best reflects this word? Thinking Focus Consider ways to share your understandings and thinking through the use of an e-scrapbook. Data Analysis and Probability Project Idea: When I was young, I used to cut things out of the magazines and catalogs. When using electronic scrapbooking with students, encourage students to share the process they used to select, evaluate, and synthesize information. Consider a specific day in history. Examples: bullying, Word Focus Focus on a specific word or concept.

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