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Chitosan nanoparticles thesis

chitosan nanoparticles thesis

and those prepared with chitosan were and nm, respectively. Recently, our group reported the use of the one-step method to obtain cmnp, where magnetic nanoparticles showed 10-11 nm in average diameter and a weight ratio chitosan to magnetic nanoparticles in the composite between.06 and.24. In addition, using the data from nanoparticle size measurements, the number-average diameter was calculated with the following equation 21 : where is the number of particles of diameter. A comparison of the magnetic nanoparticles size determined from stem with the average grain size estimated by using ( 1 ) indicates that the latter is slightly higher than the former. Thus, it was concluded that all the chitosan in the final product is chemically bound to the magnetic nanoparticles. The size and morphology of the particles were determined in a jeol JSM-7401F scanning-transmission electron microscope (stem) and a high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (hrtem) Titan-300 kV, for which samples were prepared by dispersing the resulting powders in water with ultrasonication and then depositing the dispersion. However, taking into account that Scherrer equation gives a rough estimation of the average grain size of the material, it can be said that the size of magnetic nanoparticles and that of the grains are similar. Moreover, the theoretical weight ratio chitosan to Fe3O4 was as high.7.

Figure 7: Pb2 removal as a function of time using chitosan-coated magnetic nanoparticles prepared by coprecipitation method with.125 (w/v) of chitosan. On the other hand, ninhydrin method allowed to estimate that one cmnp gram contained.0911 mmoles of amino groups distributed on their surface. Corresponding nanoparticle diameter histograms are also included.

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The results of TGA characterization of cmnp (run C1 naked nanoparticles (run M1 and pure chitosan are shown in Figure. With this amount and considering that one cmnp gram is composed of nanoparticles, a value of 135 amino groups per each coated-magnetic nanoparticle was obtained. These values are similar to those reported for the naked magnetic nanoparticles and cmnp with.125 (w/v) of chitosan in the formulation in our previous work. To verify the reacting availability of the amino groups on the surface of cmnp, an evaluation of their efficacy for Pb2 removal from a Pb(NO3)2 aqueous solution was carried out. This is an open access article distributed under the. In fact, the average diameters of magnetic nanoparticles prepared by coprecipitation method range from 14 13 to 2530 nm 2, 11,. It is noteworthy that these ratio values were significantly lower than those in the reports of Hong and Rhee 14 and Wu. 1Departamentos de Biotecnologa y de Qumica Analtica, Facultad de Ciencias Qumicas, Universidad Autnoma de Coahuila, Boulevard.

A, chitosan, nanoparticles, phd, thesis. Thesis, chitosan, nanoparticles, phd, thesis, in Phd, thesis, database. Welcome to the ssrn Home Page. Chitosan nanoparticles (CS NPs) were prepared as a carrier for Human papillomavirus type 16 HPV-16) E7 gene and their gene transfection ability. Evaluation of the Synergistic Effect of edta-Functionalized.

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