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I wish i were a scientist essay

i wish i were a scientist essay

quite amazing, but we certainly are not the strongest animals; we do not have fur that would protect us from the cold nor do we have wings to escape from a predator or fly down to catch a prey. The modern man lives in an environment which is predominantly the creation of modern science. Science exist essay on moral realism because of humanitys thirst and hunger for knowledge and it is through the wise use of knowledge that people are able to explore and learn and perceive the experiences that life has to offer. Also, I would also curtly refuse to let my discoveries be exploited for immoral or unrest purpose. If business and industry can be selfish, government and states can be far more treacherous. Scientists are respected and uplifted in our society due to their role of giving us the knowledge that we need in order to advance the levels of our technology and human capability.

Science was made to serve the people and being a scientist for me is to uplift and upgrade the life of humanity. Today, majority of the life on the planet is in danger, but scientists are doing the best for Gaia, in order to save her. Science plays a very vital role in the progress and development of the whole world but it also comes with threats that can annihilate the whole planet.

On the other hand there are many good people who look upon science as the chief cause of the sufferings of humanity today. A scientist is also a man subject to these weaknesses. It seemed completely surreal. I would learn about science and embed it to my brain and heart.

I would jealously assert and guard my birthright to explore the hidden avenues of knowledge without any let or hindrance form society, state or government. As such no fault finding is possible with the area of scientific research which has child marriage argumentative essay broadened the frontiers of mans knowledge about himself and his world. Science developed for the past several centuries has produced results which have caused different reactions in different sections of society. This is a prime example of how science can drastically change the world for the betterment of society. If I were a scientist, then nothing would be more valuable to me than serving the truth of reality and the genuine structures and designs of nature. Science is not only a vast field of knowledge but it is an art. Hence I need not offer any apologies for wishing to be a scientist. But I want to be a scientist with a difference. If I were a scientist, I would like to be independent of powerful business and industrial magnates who try to exploit scientists for their own selfish ends. I wish that the curriculum was designed so that we would have the maximum amount of hands-on experiences in the subject.

i wish i were a scientist essay

Pure science is a relentless. Essay/paper sample on a given topic If I Were A Scientist. Seeing the world of today and the developments in the scientific f ields, I would also love to be a scientist. Moreover in the world of these days.

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