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Arthur miller essay on tragedy

arthur miller essay on tragedy

own personal freedom and the fear of others but the strong, stern character? Arthur Millers The Crucible is clearly a representation of the true meaning of tragedy. Fear, however, only contributed to this tragedy. It was essential that Proctor be viewed as the so called good guy in the plot, one who stands out or the audience can relate. He places a far too idealistic view on achieving the American Dream in which money is the core component. Proctor chose to have relations, outside of his marriage to Elizabeth with Abigail. Before it can be established as to whether Miller really has written a tragedy or not, the very concept of tragedy must be investigated.

It was this freedom that resulted in his mistakes, his flaws. Miller) This statement demonstrates the conflict in belief. He does not agree with Parris first second third fourth thesis talk of hell, exclaiming Can you speak one minute without we land in Hell again? He is described as a farmer in his middle thirties with a powerful body and a steady manner, and is already being established as the protagonist in which we sympathize with.(p.19) Millers choice to describe him in such a fashion is very significant. Proctors practical nature is indicated when he often does not attend Church. This paper will discuss Willie Lowman, and Oedipus, as tragic heroes based on the stature, tragic flaw, and catharsis in their respective stories. Proctor realizes that his confession to these people violated his freedom.