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are not just stories; in them he explores the universal themes of loyalty and treachery, power and the abuse of power, strategy and choices. Shakespeare is depicting both the anger and bitterness of Shylock, which inform his actions, and the over reaction of the Christian community, with an equal hand. What did Shakespeare look like? and . Students' worksheet, shakespeare 400 years on, text study. The nasty hecklers and gangs of riffraff would come from seedy parts in and around London like Tower-hill and Limehouse and Shakespeare made sure to point them out: These are the youths that thunder at a playhouse, and fight for bitten apples; that no audience.

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He wrote some very funny comedies such as A Midsummer Night's Dream, the world's most famous romantic tragedy in Romeo and Juliet, some of the darkest tragedies ever written in King Lear or Othello, and a number of the greatest historic dramas ever written. But to think Shakespeare was antisemetic is absurd. Shakespeare's Audience: The Groundlings. In Britain, Shakespeare is usually studied and presented in the original 16th/17th century English in which it was written, which is not always easy to understand, specially for teenagers in school. He could write amazing poetry, thesis statement of the necklace but he was also a master of ordinary prose dialogue; he could write lines of the most tragic sincerity, but he was also a master of comedy. London's First Public Playhouse, shakespeare's Boss Shakespeare Hits the Big Time Theatre Closures Due to Disease Entertainment in Elizabethan England Shocking Elizabethan Drama The Greatest Actor of Shakespeare's Day Edward Alleyn: Master of the Elizabethan Stage William Kempe: Shakespeare's Clown Shakespeare's Language Words Shakespeare Invented Reasons Behind Shakespeare's Influence Shakespeare's Blank Verse Play Chronology Shakespeare Characters. A common mistake were to make when trying to transpose any Shakespearean expression from Renaissance English to contemporary modern English is to ignore its context and see it in the context of our own time. (date when you accessed the information) ml". and From the sixth paragraph, explain the meanings of these idiomatic expressions in your own words vanish into thin air, a tower of strength, the wish is father to the thought. His tragedies are not just about the characters in them; they are about humanity. He is not only a great soldier and leader but he is filled with virtue.

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