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Research paper on leadership and motivation

research paper on leadership and motivation

all these traits and skills, there are different styles of leadership with the leaders who have particular traits and skills. Team work is not encouraged very much.

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research paper on leadership and motivation

A history of leadership theory is presented.
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Research paper on leadership and motivation: 4-1-2008.
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On the other hand, for instance, if workers receive no recognition they will be neither satisfied nor t if recognition is provided, they will become more us, their motivation will d these factors are called motivating factors. Of course managers may have leadership qualities but it is not common. TheoryX kind of managers believe that people are naturally lazy, irresponsible and uncooperative therefore they must be threatened, punished or heavily rewarded. Mao may have misused their leadership skills and have misled the people they influenced. A good thing about this style is that decisions can be made very me strict organisations such as the army and the fire service need this kind of style. Persistence Social skills, self-confidence Self-discipline, willing to take responsibility Organising ability. However this style in many organisations would result in frustration and resentment in the work group as everything in the organisation depends very much upon the many organisations employees want greater participation in decision-making. A manager accepts speaking but a leader generates.