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Essays on the fat girl

essays on the fat girl

how it used. They watched from someplace outside their bodies as dream air pinned them down. I put my entire self into that book. Lets pretend I went home and cried.

I wish youd eat in front of me, Louise, whenever. And I was fat because part of me didnt give a shit; I already lived the life of a mind, and I didnt care how I appeared to the outside world, so satisfied was I in my imagination. Instead, the figure feels arbitrary, a number that is supposed to automatically register in the readers mind as monstrous. I hated high school. Louise lost weight and is treated differently because of her weight loss. I liked the way I felt at the end of the run. Their secrets changed, then changed again.

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Louises mother is one of her biggest critics. Theres a lot of things that rang true in the narrative, small details that captured the experience of being uncomfortable in your body very well. Louise finally felt free and accepted. For Lizzie, the world she occupies is entirely different because of her weight. I went away for a summer to the woods in Northern California and started writing my first book. Hi, said the oldest, louder than she meant. The Puritan 's, town Crier, where she is a staff writer. I was so chubby that my pants rode down below my waist and my butt crack was revealed. Their sisters would emerge from the backs of cars, unvanished from the dark.

I was fat because I loved books more than people and instead of playing with other kids, running around and getting exercise, I had my nose stuck in a damn book. More than that, there are aspects of the narrative that deeply troubled me, even as a teenage girl, things that have lingered in my consciousness. It hummed nothing songs. Id sandwich my fat girl books in between my classics before bringing them to the counter to be checked out. It would be like running toward the ocean at night: you couldnt see it, but you knew it was there. They looked at each other and gave slow nods. Joan and Marjorie do not seem too much concerned with what Louise has going on in her life. The title made me weary while theres been a movement to reclaim the term fat as a descriptor as opposed to a flaw, its still a term that carries the potential for accusation.