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Macbeth traits essay

macbeth traits essay

these traits, businesses can not achieve a higher rank in commerce. He was both a benevolent monarch and a tyrannical leader within his reign. Without ambition, life will never go anywhere new. After Macbeth kills Duncan, the rest of Duncans subjects try to discover who killed Duncan. After the kings murder, Macbeth slaughters the two guards in order to keep his secret. Instead of waiting to let things happen naturally, Macbeth goes in search of the witches, in that they might tell him how to defeat his enemies.

Because of acuscan essay paper his own pride and ambition, he dies in battle. Banquo, but Fleance escapes. Macduff asks why the guards were killed, Macbeth says Who could refrain/ That gad a heart to love, and in that heart/ Courage to makes love known (. Therefore, the murderers kill Banquo while the Macbeth does nothing. Banquo, Macbeths friend, are traveling back from battle, they come across three witches. Shakespeare shows Macbeth as finding such sweetness by putting his nobles thus to death Only an evil, sinful man could find enjoyment in the act of killing. He says that he loves Duncan so much that he is compelled to murder the guards.

No, in fact, it becomes worse. Here Malcolm lists those traits, which he proclaims to have which he truly does not. Macbeth: Leader Or Monoarch Essay, Research Paper. Even as the thane of Cawdor, Macbeth aspires to be the king of Scotland. When the guest wonder why he is yelling, Macbeth says that he suffers from a strange infirmity ( III. He is ruthless and merciless. After he kills the king and takes the throne, he decides that he is still not satisfied. He feels that he must know everything.