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Columbian exchange positive and negative effects essay

columbian exchange positive and negative effects essay

foods and animals that made their lives richer and easier, ethnicity and crime sociology essay but suffered as well when old ways of life were disrupted. Exchange of plants was also one of the positive effects of the Columbian exchange. Even though the exchange involved goods, people were also mistreated and used as materials. Discovering the New World allowed the explorers to aspire to further their knowledge in technology and because of this advances occurred.

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He changed them in ways that were impossible to forget or forgive. Both chewing and smoking affected their heath and is even a problem today. The Old World had a huge advantage over the Native Americans because they could see a native's actual life and almost everything about them while the New World didn't originally have that benefit. These animals also transformed transportation. The Columbian Exchange had both negative and positive effects. In conclusion, the conquest of the New World by Europeans had both pros and cons. Some of the positive effects include the exchange of technology. They improved the aspect of the compass, and now used better tools to help them measure latitude and longitude. The Old World was affected negatively by the New World, but not in such a harsh way. It was a change that involved new beginnings yet horrible outcomes. Of those, smallpox was the most devastating because it caused the highest number of deaths. Although there were plenty of advantages from the Columbian exchange, the negative results overpowered the good of the cause.