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John donne canonization essay

john donne canonization essay

worked as a private secretary to Sir Thomas Egerton in 1601, and during this period he secretly married Anne More, 16-year old niece of Lady Egerton. The figures of love are seen as a?symbolic medium of communication? Donne draws on the Neo-Platonist idea of physical love and religious love as being two exhibitions similar compulsion. London: Macmillan Publishers LTD, 1988. In the last stanza, after canonizing himself and his lover, the poet says that his pious canonized love would be celebrated in the world by one and all. In fact, it catches the interest of the reader at once.

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While 'Phoenix' relates to myth, 'hymns' concerns religion and 'chronicles' means 'history'. 'Palsy' and 'gout' for instance belong to the register of medicine while 'merchant' and 'ship' signify the realm of trade and commerce. These are not empty expressions as every word in the poem is linked with the central theme love. Love is closely related to asceticism in the poem, which is one of the conceits used by the poet. How To Study A Poet. Actually it was the commencement of the contemporary age that was characterized by reformations and revolutions in all spheres of life. The physical passion is to unite them into one soul and transform them into saints of love. Thus, 'canonization' is in many ways a typical metaphysical poem where the complexity of substance is expressed with simplicity of expression. In the lines that follow, the poet uses more and more of disharmonious associations. Brooks finds the poem a parody of Christian sainthood taking the major themes of the poem religion and love very seriously and using them in an inevitable paradox. His love is not harming anyone but is a liberating force, just like a saint.

john donne canonization essay

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