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Wordpress thesis comments on this entry are closed

wordpress thesis comments on this entry are closed

Texas, which is a hotbed for patent trolls: Patent litigation is a growing business across the country; Marshall is just the most visible example. I wouldnt sell it if he offered a million dollars. A number of prominent theme sellers were unhappy with Mullenwegs insistence that their themes maintain a 100 GPL license, but they were not willing to shake the boat over. By signing, they have the opportunity to close this chapter and put this issue behind them. And so, on July 11, in a move to outrun the onslaught of negative PR, Automattic cleverly attempted to reframe this entire issue by pivoting to a known hot button in the tech industry: Software patents. The situation created a spark and initiated a serious debate about theme licensing.

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This approach attempts to further broaden the reach of the GPL, but it again leads to counter-intuitive results. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2). If I did this, I was worried Automattic would just sue me so they could pick their court. However, there are loads of patents in the world for incredibly silly things that have never really impacted a lot of folks life; its just that it doesnt mean a silly patent couldnt become a problem. And Id like to thank my lawyer, Keith Lee (a WordPress fan and blogger himself!) for helping me think through some of the legal matters discussed though the opinions themselves are my own. Class B is subject to the terms of the GPL. They will never agree on licensing, that much is clear. His most blatant effort in this regard was making a public offer to buy Thesis customers the premium, GPL-licensed Theme of their choice if they quit using Thesis. Disable Comments WordPress Plugin, if you wish to you can install the plugin directly from Your Dashboard via Plugins Menu. There were no restrictions on m in the settlement.

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