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Should killer whales be kept in captivity essay

should killer whales be kept in captivity essay

A Whale Of A Business frontline". Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. In September 1998, he was flown to Klettsvik Bay in Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland, and gradually reintroduced to the wild, returning to the open sea in July 11, 2002. 28 A pod of orcas have been recorded killing a white shark off South Australia, 119 with possible kills in South Africa. A killer whale plays with a ball of ice, soon after a researcher had thrown a snowball at the whale. Retrieved March 9, 2011. Baird,.W.; Dill,.M. 89 This latest incident with Tilikum reawakened a heated discussion about the effect of captivity on the killer whale's behavior. Eventually, they separate the pair and surround the calf, drowning it by keeping it from surfacing. "A first ID match for the orcas of the Indian Ocean". Baird, Robin W (2002).

Captive killer whales are live killer whales (Orcinus orca) which are held in captivity by humans, often for breeding or performance purposes. The practice of capturing and displaying these whales in exhibitions began in the 1960s, soon becoming popular attractions at public aquariums and aquatic theme parks due to their intelligence. Death at SeaWorld: Shamu and the Dark Side. Killer Whales in Captivity, david Kirby.

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96 During the investigation into the death of Alexis Martinez, it came to light that the park had also mischaracterized to the public a 2007 incident with how to write a music production business plan Tekoa, the other male, and claimed it was also an accident rather than an attack. Several hypotheses exist as to why this happens. "The structure of the discrete call repertoire of killer whales Orcinus orca from Southeast Kamchatka" (PDF). Killer Whale permanent dead link, Bergen Museum. B Transient pods are smaller than resident pods, typically consisting of an adult female and one or two of her offspring.

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