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Terminator sarah connor chronicles wallpaper

terminator sarah connor chronicles wallpaper

kill Terminators with fire, but when they do manage to take one out with other methods, they have to burn and melt the endoskeleton with thermite to prevent bits of future-tech falling into the wrong hands and being used to reverse-engineer SkyNet. During "Self Made Man Cameron compares the Terminator killing people at a speakeasy fire to Dorothy's house falling on the witch. In the second book, they have weapons embedded in literally every wall in the house, as well as an underground Walmart of guns, flamethrowers, and lasers.

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terminator sarah connor chronicles wallpaper

Dawson Casting : Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau are cast as 15-year-old characters. And it's not his daughter. In Resident Evil 4, the various Merchants will have walls and tables strewn with shockingly extensive arrays of firepower. In The Mummy Trilogy Rick is frequently shown to have numerous guns nearby at all times, in case he has to blow off some mummy's head. Several people pointed out how much John's decision to keep seeing Riley was endangering her. Cassandra Truth : Practically everything Ellison says is dismissed by the FBI but is completely true. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also has Sarah keep concealed weapons scattered around the house, such as a shotgun hidden behind wallpaper, and a huge trunk of rifles and shotguns under everyone's respective beds. John Henry frequently plays with bionicle toys while trying to develop his imagination.

The Terminator Cromartie, who has been hunting the Connors since the first episode, is re-appropriated for another, possibly sinister use. Terminator of the Week style, but soon grows more philosophical, eventually turning. Derek: Remind me again, why are the boys out here and the girls in there? Arc Words : "Will you join us?" Carried over into season 2 was Kyle's" "I'd die for John Connor" and its variations. Ferguson Is Ill Today" is filled up to the gills with little clues as to Riley's origin from the future. Catherine Weaver coldly dispatches a factory full of people, and murders a guy who called her a bitch, and plans to murder Ellison (see You Have Outlived Your Usefulness ). And, for that matter, that the actor has established himself in the role and doesn't need hair and makeup tricks to maintain continuity with the performance in Terminator 2: Judgment Day any more. And those are just the most memorable.