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Sponsorship dissertation

sponsorship dissertation

sales to public 3 Naming rights for specific time frames, such. The planners of rockville centr ny essay an event thus have to satisfy a number of obligations that include (a) the conduct of event specific research, (b) the creation of relevant event designs, (c) the location of a site, (d) the arrangement for decoration, (e) food and entertainment, (f). "Sponsorship and the Organisation of Mega Events.". It is important to understand that sponsorship spends are growing steadily and were positive even in 2009, despite the increase in 2009 being lesser that 2008 (Kolah, 2003, p 61). Literature Review, this literature review investigates events from two specific but important perspectives, those of their organisers and their sponsors. Such events involve the participation of thousands of people, the viewership of many more through local and global television broadcasts and the direct involvement of three categories of individuals and organisations, the holders of these events, their sponsors and their organisers. With events becoming an increasingly important and glamorous feature of modern day life, they provide different types of opportunities to sponsors for conveying their messages to participants and viewers (Meenaghan, 2001, p 96). Studies reveal that global expenditure on sponsorship has increased by more than 10 times and is estimated to be more than USD 46 billion per year. Studies estimate that well over one million meetings are held every year in the United States alone (Sargeant Jay, 2004, p 92). Sponsorship offers organisations numerous benefits like (a) enhancement of image, (b) shaping of consumer attitudes, (c) driving sales, (d) creating positive publicity, (e) increasing organisational visibility, (f) helping CSR initiatives and enhancing relationships with consumers and other stakeholders (Kolah, 2003, p 61).

They have numerous and complex responsibilities, which are taken up for discussion and elaboration in subsequent sections of this study (Sargeant Jay, 2004, p 71). The absence of such coordination and integration can lead to the delivery of sponsorship messages to inappropriate customer segments and thus not only lead to waste of money and effort but also possibly negative consequences (Stotlar, 2005, p 42). (Warc, 2011, p 1).2.2. The choice of inappropriate communication vehicles at the actual event can furthermore lead to under communication of messages and thus again result in under achievement of organisational objectives from sponsoring of events. Whilst these organisations are undoubtedly the drivers of these events, they rarely have the resources to organise such events with the required efficiency, quality, and even class (Sargeant Jay, 2004, p 71). The tremendous increase in the occurrence of events has resulted in the development of an important event management discipline that aims to service the global five hundred billion industries (Sargeant Jay, 2004, p 92).

The review of available information during the conduct of the literature review threw up an enormous amount of information on different aspects of event management what is sports essay and event sponsorship. Events, in the first place, have opened up huge business and commercial opportunities for their organisers (Armstrong, 2001, p 21). The event management industry obviously provides new entrance as well as existing organisations significant opportunities to increase their event management skills increase the size and diversity of their operations and grow their business in size, diversity and geographical spread (Allen, 2000, p 48). You have not indicated the subject of your thesis but generally for more information about sponsorship of the. Their quality is bound to suffer in various ways if their management is short of perfect (Westerbeek, et al, 2005, p 55).