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Essay on education of girls is a burden

essay on education of girls is a burden

film about coming of age and discovering whom we are. When they cannot get one, there is frustration and discontentment. We are still following the same old system which was introduced by Lord Macaulay in 1853 to produce cheap clerks. M, categories, literature Language, languages and Cultures, english Language. Here are essays of varying lengths on Girl Education to help you with the topic in your exam. Education is an essential part of a living being, whether its a boy or a girl. I am a blond and I sometimes act that way to get attention and it works but I actually am really smart. Department of Labor) indicated below this answer box for more detailed information. This thought is wrong as girl education can bring an uprising in the culture. Peer discussion among students, especially students in tertiary education, is an effective way of learning. Educating girls will also give them the opportunity to learn skills in reasoning, tolerance, reflection, and communication.

Girl Education in India is largely essential for the growth of the nation because girls can do most of the things better than the boys. Nowadays girl education is necessary and is also compulsory because girls are the future of the country. It is true that, the education of girls has lately taken a hum leap but this is only in a very small segment of Indic society. It is the upper middle class and the rich class tell have realized the necessity of educating girls but this not enough for, this is a very 397 words short essay on Cottage Industries. Education of girls is one of the basic features of the plan.

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We do not know what she is thinking, but the man has been in the same situation so he can imagine how she feels. Communication (written and oral). By going to school, participating in class work, independentreading what is interesting but not covered in class. Conclusion, women should be given equivalent chance in education like men and they should not be cut off from any development opportunities. Books MAY BE burned AND cities sacked, BUT truth, like yearning like yearning FOR freedom, lives IN THE hearts OF humble MEN. Accordingly, various theories regarding its aids and hiv research paper nature and objective have come into being.