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Gender differences in health essay

gender differences in health essay

diabetes mellitus. Research has shown that women are far more likely to be prescribed psychoactive drugs in comparison to men, in some instances the figures have been double that of the men (Scambler,. Avlund K, Damsgaard MT, Holstein. A contrasting inequality in health between genders is inherited diseases. A survey in northern Sweden. Gender and sex need to be understood allowing us to appreciate how biological and sociological factors contribute to health inequalities amongst men and women. Office for National Statistics (ONS) (1998) Social Focus on Women and Men London: Stationery Office.

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In order to reduce health inequalities and improve health amongst men and women it's important to adapt an interdisciplinary strategy which will allow us to understand the real implications associated with gender and health. The role of gender in compliance and attendance at an outpatient clinic boating alcohol essays for type 2 diabetes mellitus in Trinidad. Research indicates that implications of psychological and physical behaviour from violent men contributed greatly to high morbidity rates of women and the use of health care (Bird, C and Riecker,. There are many obstacles with social stratification. Whilst this scale takes into account the occupation of women and changes in class boundaries, it still does not include wealthy people who do not work. Gender, domestic violence and sickness in Mexico.

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