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Essay about a friend who saved my life

essay about a friend who saved my life

and not a care in the world because we were 10 years old and all we wanted to do was have fun. I was too tired to keep fighting the waves until we hear a megaphone yelling Dont Fight The Waves, Swim Diagonally. If we took breaks and went in for snacks we did it together. Im not sure that either my father or stepfather realized the profound effect that each had on my development. The atmosphere in my other family was quite chaotic by comparison.

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Sam and I didnt know that so we were fighting against the waves trying to get to the beach but the more we fought the more we were pulled out into the ocean. The word love is used to often these for small things that do not matter. He has determined me to do my hardest on my school so I can live my life happily. A man with immense wisdom and advise, my father has made me what I am to day. Mom, dad, or anyone in your life? When i think back to my childhood, i dont recall any single individual who shaped my future.

Speaking up in class in front of 30 students? 1993 was the year I was born. I spent much of my childhood shuttling back and forth between the two families. . First of all, school is a hard thing to concentrate.