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Being cheated on essay

being cheated on essay

eyes bright, watery, satisfied with the lie.

being cheated on essay

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Many of my classmates in high school got after school detention for cheating, and today a lot of those same classmates are still known as liars and cheaters because they grew accustomed to such actions and are still cheating and lying their way through life. There's no way you can get over the pain of losing someone you love - or thought you loved - unless you have yourself to go back. Students should not be expelled from college for cheating. While the magnitude of the situation is so large, the consequences are even larger. It shows us another side, admits us to another group, the group of the broken-hearted. According to Rowan Wood, A whopping 40 percent of United States undergraduates admitted to some form of cheating in their college courses Why do they do so? Cheating is a dishonest, immoral, and dishonorable action that puts yourself at an unfair advantage over your peers or opponents, or earns you something that you do not deserve, by breaking a rule, whether it be a moral rule, or actual written rules. I am sorry to inform you but, those people are part of the definition of a cheater. Even before dating, Alex and I had been best friends, depending on each other to get through difficult moments in our lives. I remember the walk down from Alexs apartment, the numbness, as she chased me down the stairs demanding all her hr management research paper stuff back. I just kept shaking my head, my bottom lip quivering, unable to look Alex in the face.

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