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Termal coating papermaking

termal coating papermaking

Bu katlarn optik ve fiziksel özellikleri aratrlm ve birbirleriyle karlatrlmtr. Optik özelliklerden ise parlaklk ve beyazlk deerleri ölülmütür. Grammage, moisture content, crepe, bulk, density, tensile strength, thickness, water retention value and water absorption time were determined as physical properties and brightness and whiteness values were measured as optical properties. According to obtained results, the best results in physical and optical properties of napkins, toilet papers and paper towels belong to C, E and A Company, respectively. Gramaj, rutubet miktar, krep, hacimlilik, younluk, ekme direnci, kalnlk, su tutma deeri ve su emme hzlar belirlenmitir. Napkins, toilet papers and paper towels used in this study were supplied from 5 different companies. Physical and optical properties of these papers were investigated and compared them to each other. Özet: Bu almada, temizlik katlarnn Türkiye'deki durumunu belirlemek ve baz özelliklerini aratrmak amalanmtr. Elde edilen sonulara göre peete katlar, tuvalet katlar ve kat havlulara ait en iyi optik ve fiziksel özellikler srasyla C, E ve A firmalarna ait olduu tespit edilmitir.

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termal coating papermaking

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