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Essay on road accident in malayalam language

essay on road accident in malayalam language

departmental) in collaboration with experts from the aviation services and the judiciary (establishing responsibility for the disaster, identifying victims, collection and restitution of personal belongings) and representatives of the transport. I hope that from now every student as well as other people will remember this that safety is first. Some major distractions other than this are. The growth of the Wikipedia during these times was heavily constrained due to OS and browser related issues, rendering issues, Unicode related issues, and. On January 15, 2007, this became 2000 and on June 30 it became 3000. If we talk about road safety, then it can be only possible when we will follow the rules and regulations of the road safety. Overtaking from wrong side. They can, if need be, call upon local fire brigades and civil defence reinforcements. This division of brain hampers reaction time and ability of judgement. It is a natural psyche of humans to excel. In case of ecological disaster (chemical and radioactive substances, hydrocarbons) the rescue and protection measures for waterways and coasts should be implemented in close collaboration with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (ocha).

Now some Not so common reasons but very important in Indian Scenario. As much as the country will get modernized, the use of vehicles will increase. There are no proper rules, regulation and strictness on the roads. The offenders must be put in jail and severe punishment should be levied.

essay on road accident in malayalam language

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The Malayalam Wikipedia (Malayalam: ) is the Malayalam edition of Wikipedia, a free and publicly editable online encyclopedia, and was launched on December 21, 2002.
The project is the leading Wikipedia among other South East Asian language Wikipedias.
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To get a driving license has become quite easy these days and it is dangerous because the people who do not know about driving properly can harm others who are using the same road. Not many of you would know that it is Abu Dhabi which is infamous for holding the highest rate of road deaths in the world. Likewise, if you are going to step out of it, then wait for it to stop properly and make sure that no other vehicle is obstructing your path. However, we tend to forget all this and become carless at times so much so that we risk our lives and put it in danger. Bad condition of Roads and absence of different lanes. The principles of intervention are as follows: - In the case of an air disaster occurring on, or in the immediate vicinity of, an airport (generally within a 5 kilometre radius control of the incident is the responsibility of the airport authorities since control. Keep identity papers and important personal documents (medical and vaccination certificates and details of blood type) and any personal medicines with you. Act of talking on phone occupies major portion of brain and the smaller part handles the driving skills. Mathrubhumi covered Malayalam Wikipedia project extensively in its Sunday Supplement.

Essay on road accident in malayalam language
essay on road accident in malayalam language

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