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Career development program essay

career development program essay

live in has a great impact on developing a theory. Family traditions and values must be considered as a contributing attribute. Family expectations and traditions apply a certain amount of pressure on its members decision making. My situation from that moment on, affected my life including career, for a long time. It is the background and common ground that conditions and guides our behavior to choose our career. Trait and Factor theory by Parsons is definitely manifested in my life experiences as I persisted with a field that felt comfortable. Since its launch, a number of Customs officials from different developing countries across the WCOs six regions have benefited from the Programme. Therefore, some people may be more fortunate than others in that aspect or less fortunate, because ultimately, intelligence is a major aspect of the level of achievement. Having attended a private French Catholic school ( we all know how strict nun teachers can be) in Lebanon, I was geared into a direction already, of focusing all my energies on school and family life.

I finished my undergraduate education in psychology for no other reason but choice and comfort within that field. There are many theories to refer to but as our world changes everyday in many ways so does career development. I was fascinated by the medical field (which may have been due to my sons condition) and obtained my associate degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. That desire was more of a personal choice than any other factor. I had absorbed a fair amount of the Lebanese culture by that age. The nomination process is set out below: January/February - invitation letters sent to developing countries. The personal desire from within never left.

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I also worked for my fathers business at the age of sixteen and assumed all bookkeeping duties and more responsibilities of his business. My interaction at home with my children resulted in an increased interest in helping children and especially understanding limitations beyond their control. The dictionary was my best friend. Societys role in my career choice manifested itself in many different and nontraditional ways. My career was put on hold for two years. As I relate my personal experiences to the different theories and factors of career development I find Supers theory more complete and relative to career development. This effect may be considered a general factor but it is the greatest factor. Goltfredsons discusses intellectual level and its relation to career choice and level of accomplishment. I decided to explore the psychology field and became instantly comfortable with my decision.

Ones family class and accommodations sets and guides ones motivation to achieve a comfort level accustomed. Those values are mostly instilled throughout the developmental years. As we grow up and constantly change, our values may be the most resilient to outside influence.