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Public and private transportation essay

public and private transportation essay

sitting back, relaxing with a newspaper and letting someone else do the driving. Some private schools require the parents to be sometimes overly involved with their childrens education, from attending fundraisers. And on the whole, there is a realistic public transport alternative to driving. When taking public transportation, you can sit back and relax without worrying about traffic. Public Transport Cons, on the other hand, public transport hasnt always had the best of reputations. Total public transport time - 2 hours 15 minutes Car - 55 minutes If public transport can reduce that time difference to under 1 hour 20 mins and improve reliability, I'll happily take public transport as the cost saving makes it viable. Taking a public transport is way more eco-friendly and affordable on the side of the commuters and thus, lessens the traffic on roads.

Public Transportation vs Private Transportation - Term Paper Public transportation, essay, example for Free Comparison and Contrast Essay- drive, a CAR or takus

Perhaps being chauffeur driven is a cheaper alternative to driving yourself on occasion. If youre regularly visiting a place, or planning a trip in advance, you can get season tickets or advance booked tickets for a cheaper price. It is also running at a constant speed therefore you may perhaps get from one destination to another in an estimated time. According to the Energy Saving Trust nearly half of us use a car to drive short journeys, journeys that could otherwise be completed in another, more sustainable way. The government is really working hard on providing people an alternative means of transportation and accessible to service users as well, hence public transport should be utilized. Safety/Security One of the disadvantages of public transport is that they do not check a persons bag or properties if theres any dangerous property, like the way it gets done in the airport. 105B, The Capital Court, Munirka, Olof Palme Marg, New Delhi, 110067 itya Birla Group Indian Rayon Compound, Veraval, Vervala Gujarat 362266 sar Post Hazira, Surat Gujarat 394270 kanervala foods Pvt. Another that, buses can transport at less argument essay about age difference 40 passengers in a same time and the cost can be divided to the consumer to avoid them pay more, while, the car only can transport 5 passengers in a time and needs to spend a lot.