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Amin alhashim kfump thesis

amin alhashim kfump thesis

04 El-Nafaty, Usman Aliyu Methanol conversion to light olefins over commercial zeolites. Topic will be in human-computer/human-machine interaction. Ldpc codes performance (Abstract/Full Text PDF cSE, co-Advisor, dec 2008 03, al-Shaikh, Raed Abdullah. Within the University, he has been conducting research with Psychology, Biomedical Engineering, Petroleum and Geological Engineering, and Journalism Mass Commmunication. Optimization of mixed cmos/Bicmos circuits using tabu search. (Abstract/Full Text PDF) COE Co-Advisor/ Member Nov 2003 31 Sarif, Bambang Ali Basyah Modified ANT colony algorithm for combinational logic circuits design. (Abstract/Full Text PDF) COE Co-Advisor/ Member Jan 2007 42 Ali, Mansoor MultiObjective Optimization for FSM Synthesis Using Modern Evolutionary Techniques COE Co-Advisor/ Member IP 43 Khan, Farhan Transistor-Level Defect-Tolerant Techniques for Reliable Design at the Nanoscale COE Co-Advisor/ Member Jul 2009 44 Anwar, Taha Optimization. He also won the Best Presentation Award at the 2017 ieee BioSmart Conference. (Abstract/ Full Text PDF ) COE Co-Advisor/ Member Aug 1993 06 Al-Sukhni, Hassan Fakhri A C-Based high level synthesis system. Student in ISE, email: Lauren joined the HFS lab in Jan.

amin alhashim kfump thesis

Amin Alhashim, Arabic Database for Automated Printed Arabic Text Recognition Research and Benchmarking, MSc.
Thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia, (2009).
Abdulaziz Alkhalid, Software Refactoring Using Pattern Recognition Techniques, MSc.
Thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia, (2008).
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Computer Science, King Fahd University of Petroleum Minerals, Saudi Arabia (2009.S. (Abstract/ Full Text PDF ) COE Advisor/ Chairman Aug 1996 09 Zahra, Mounir. (Abstract/ Full Text PDF ) COE Co-Advisor/ Member Dec 2004 33 Sami, Muhammad Rehan Content-aware congestion control over mpls networks for essay on peter brook multimedia transmission. (Abstract/Full Text PDF) COE Advisor/ Chairman Aug 2000 13 Minhas, Mahmood-ur-Rehman Iterative algorithms for timing and low power driven vlsi standard-cell placement. (Abstract/ Full Text PDF ) COE Co-Advisor/ Member Jan 1995 09 Abu-Mutlaq, Maher Hamdan Khalil Dataflow processor for back propagation neural networks: architecture and performance evaluation. (Abstract/Full Text PDF) ICS Co-Advisor/ Member Oct 2005 39 Mohiuddin, Khaja Mohammed Simulation Study Using opnet for a New Class of Network for Real Time Applications. An Integrated Approach for Soft Error Tolerance of Combinational Circuits (Abstract/Full Text PDF cSE, co-Advisor, jan 2016 05, alhashim, Ghalib. Her previous research involved analysis on tubular tracking to collect the operational limit data and to secure productivity and safety. (Abstract/Full Text PDF) COE Co-Advisor/ Member Aug 1998 20 Baig, Mirza Naved Ali Task matching and scheduling in heterogeneous computing environments using iterative heuristics.

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