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Full metal alchemist science and relgion video essay

full metal alchemist science and relgion video essay

as small furry rodents that carry rabies aren't as un-sexy as some other obligate haemophages.) Bed bugs are really not sexy. Like most leeches, its mouth parts aren't really up to drilling through the armour-tough skin of a hippopotamus, so it seeks out an exposed surface with a much more porous barrier separating it from the juicy red stuff: the lining of the hippo rectum. Jaegerskioeldi, just in case you think I'm making this. Once pregnant, the leeches allow themselves to be expelled by the hippo (it's noteworthy that hippopotami spin their tails when they defecate, to sling the crap as far away as possible possibly because the leeches itch we're into territory here whereupon in the due fullness. Well, I wish I'd thought to photograph their faces for posterity. anyway, there I was sitting with Freda Warrington and Jim Butcher, and our moderator opens up by asking, "what makes vampires sexy?". Vampires are not sexy. The Hippo Arse Leech is a leech; it sucks blood. (Your first example being, of course, my use of angler fish sex as a model for unicorns.). PS : If you are a creationist, the onus is on you to come to terms with why your God saw fit to inflict a parasite like this on hippopotami.

full metal alchemist science and relgion video essay

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OK, here's an idle thought (and a question) for you. If we expanded a real one to human size it'd be a thing of horror, fit to give Ridley Scott. Do we see anything approximating a realistic portrayal of actual blood-drinking organisms? But I digress: the thing is, we know what real bloodsucking fiends look like, and do we find them in our fiction? At least, not in the real world. Desmodus rotundis isn't sexy. (Hey, I've been trying to get the hell away from being Mr Singularity Guy for years now; what's your problem? But if you want studying for act essay maximally not-sexy, it's hard to top, placobdelloides jaegerskioeldi, the Hippo Arse Leech. Here 's a video by, mark Siddall, professor of invertebrate zoology at the American Natural History Museum, a noted expert on leeches, describing how he discovered. By the end of my description Jim and Freda were both.

A couple of weeks ago at the British Eastercon I found myself on a panel discussion about vampires.
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