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French revolution compared to american revolution essay

french revolution compared to american revolution essay

Oxford: Oxford University Press. The church exploited their power and influence in society at the expense of the citizens. In the context of revolution as an overthrow or repudiation and through replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed, it must be said that while the goals they sought to accomplish were different, both the American Revolution and the French. The French Revolutionists sought to change the established political system to improve their situation. He went on to be Americas second president.

french revolution compared to american revolution essay

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In comparison, the first instances of declaring independence were used, not seen in the magnitude that they were declared in before. There are revolutions waged for power. As such, many of the colonists felt that these new series of tax laws were illegitimate and therefore refused to honor them. Comparison between the French and American Revolutions The most striking difference between the French Revolution and the American Revolution is the impact that the revolution made on the course of history. Therefore, it is the essence of this discussion to set the spotlight on the American and French revolutions which paved the way in rewriting and redefining the very notions of freedom and oppression in the world.

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Comparing the French Revolution and the American

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