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Present continuous tense essay

present continuous tense essay

know that girl? The climate gets warmer. We are giving a commentary of the gradual change that is really happening now. Are you working now? You are not playing. Here is a video lesson about the present continuous with more information, examples and exercises: Please share: Facebook Twitter Google email. The form is the present continuous but we are referring to the future.

Able to write a simple email using Present continuous and to describe pictures using this tense.
Assumptions: the previous lessons sts have done a review of the Present Continuous.
The present continuous tense is used to talk about things that are happening at the moment of speaking.
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This is very common in English. Is he watching TV?? In this context, this is wrong: She eats an apple. I am speaking to you. Is he / is she / is it working? I am getting fatter. How do we make the Present Continuous Tense? Right now you are looking at this screen and at the same time.the pages are turning.the candle is burning.the numbers are spinning. They are not good subjects for an argument essay playing. We are not describing a regular action. (This is the present simple.