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Research essay about electric cars

research essay about electric cars

negative prospective. Some would say no because of the pollution that is caused during the testing and manufacturing of the vehicles. With todays technology, a small, low cost mass produced eCar would have a range of about 80 miles on a charge Continue Reading electric cars 1570 Words 7 Pages Electric cars vs the gas oh line cars In the next ten years what the average. Although there is plenty of development to ensue, this paper can help marketing managers figure out the best way to utilize the power of new technology and, in time, have a consumer base that desires battery powered cars for various reasons. With decreased emissions, minimal gas usage, and increased safety, the electric/hybrid car is surely a smart consideration or purchase.

research essay about electric cars

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Notter, Dominic.,. Although our economy currently defends on gasoline- powered cars, it is my belief that the use of gas-powered automobiles must be limited because of air pollution, natural resources and lead poisoning. The ozone layer guards against, among other things, global warming and skin cancer. When the gas is burned in the engine of the car, several byproducts result. History backs up Teslas patent sharing. Who Killed the Electric Car relies much more on the use of pathos to relay its argument Continue Reading Cars and Motorcycles 975 Words 4 Pages What are cars? Environmental issues Who Killed the Electric Car is a documentary which unfolds a complex set of events around the development and demise of the modern electric car. Should it be adopted by other countries? However, it should be noted that electric cars still pose a serious threat to the environment. Dias, Marcos Vincius Xavier,. Some electric vehicles run one hundred percent on electricity, while others (hybrid electric vehicles) run partly on electricity and partly on some other fuel such as gas or diesel. Individuals who can afford the hefty price tag are purchasing these vehicles because they are classy, fun to drive, and better for the environment than the standard gasoline car.

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